How to make distance relationships work

Distance relationships can be hard. My husband is a truck driver and let's just say it's no fun, but I learned how to make it work and with modern technology it is very possible. Here are a few tips on how to make distance relationships work... Stay Busy Keeping yourself busy while your partner is [...]


Toxic Friendships

Hey Lxies! Growing up I didn’t see positive relationships, friendships, marriages, etc. it wasn’t around me daily. I didn’t know what to go by. I did see people gossiping about the people they claim to love, talking to their men behind their backs, etc. Toxic? Very! I knew this isn’t how I wanted to be [...]

Overcoming Trauma

You are not alone. Don’t let someone else write your story. Trauma is an event or series of events that can cause physical and mental effects. Do you have a parent that was narcissistic and mentally abusive? Do you have a spouse that was mentally or physically abusive? Have you been sexually abused? You do [...]