Finding Myself| Reflection

I use to be so happy and full of life. I went through a season of pain that has changed me, so I decided to spend a week finding myself. This should be interesting Day One: Reflection I sat in my room and cried. For hours I cried. Some may think this is unhealthy but [...]


Protect Your Peace

Hey guys! When I say protect your peace, I mean protect your peace, energy, mind, literally anything that can be succumbed by someone else. Misery loves company and if you welcome it, you will become it. I’m empathetic! I immediately feel other people’s energies and before I started protecting everything around me it had a [...]

Overcoming Trauma

You are not alone. Don’t let someone else write your story. Trauma is an event or series of events that can cause physical and mental effects. Do you have a parent that was narcissistic and mentally abusive? Do you have a spouse that was mentally or physically abusive? Have you been sexually abused? You do [...]