Money Talk| Budgeting

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted like normally and I would like to apologize. This virus has been on my mind heavily and I just haven’t been myself but I’m back with the 3 day a week post. Today let’s talk about budgeting. Disclaimer: this is how I budget my own money as well [...]


Meal Prep Week 2

Asparagus w/ steak, shrimp w/ coconut sauce, honey glazed chicken and carrots, chicken breast, lo mein (I add white rice to a few meals) Hello guys and welcome to week two!!! Congrats on making it to the second week. We got this! Sorry for the late post... This week I’m starting the week off with [...]

Meal Prep Week 1

Fajita Week Hey Guys! Basically it’s a fajita week for me but I threw in one of my favorite meals as well. Does anyone else just enjoy meal prepping like I do? Sundays in the kitchen, cooking up my meals for the week, while listening to my favorite songs. Yes, I enjoyed myself lol! I [...]

All Things Fitness

Hey Lxiiieess!! I’m embarking a new fitness journey that I am super excited about. I haven’t been into fitness since high school (6-7 years ago) and I am not where I want to be or even close to it. I found out I was pregnant with my first child 3 years ago and it has [...]


Hi guys! We’re going through a major pandemic right now and I hope you all are staying safe. The coronavirus is an infectious disease. It gives off flu like symptoms (cough & fever) and also difficulty breathing in more severe cases. There is currently no medication or vaccines available to treat it but there are [...]

Fitness Journey

Hey guys! I’m getting to your post soon I promise. I’ve been extremely busy. Praying you’re all staying safe during this time. Quick post here! I’m trying to lose 10 pounds within the next month. If you would like me to post about it please like this post. If you would like to join me [...]

Protect Your Peace

Hey guys! When I say protect your peace, I mean protect your peace, energy, mind, literally anything that can be succumbed by someone else. Misery loves company and if you welcome it, you will become it. I’m empathetic! I immediately feel other people’s energies and before I started protecting everything around me it had a [...]

Toxic Friendships

Hey Lxies! Growing up I didn’t see positive relationships, friendships, marriages, etc. it wasn’t around me daily. I didn’t know what to go by. I did see people gossiping about the people they claim to love, talking to their men behind their backs, etc. Toxic? Very! I knew this isn’t how I wanted to be [...]

Overcoming Trauma

You are not alone. Don’t let someone else write your story. Trauma is an event or series of events that can cause physical and mental effects. Do you have a parent that was narcissistic and mentally abusive? Do you have a spouse that was mentally or physically abusive? Have you been sexually abused? You do [...]