Fitness Journey Update 1

Hey guys! I’m so excited to share this update with you. I started my fitness journey at the end of February. I wasn’t taking it too seriously just detoxing and losing a little weight but not seeing any real changes. At the end of March I decided to get me a personal trainer. I remembered [...]


Meal Prep Week 1

Fajita Week Hey Guys! Basically it’s a fajita week for me but I threw in one of my favorite meals as well. Does anyone else just enjoy meal prepping like I do? Sundays in the kitchen, cooking up my meals for the week, while listening to my favorite songs. Yes, I enjoyed myself lol! I [...]

All Things Fitness

Hey Lxiiieess!! I’m embarking a new fitness journey that I am super excited about. I haven’t been into fitness since high school (6-7 years ago) and I am not where I want to be or even close to it. I found out I was pregnant with my first child 3 years ago and it has [...]