Fitness Journey Update| Jani

Hey My Lxiiiieeessss!!! Guys my fitness journey has definitely changed. Let me explain. I’ve decided to go pescatarian. I did this while I was in college, I stayed lean but I was also very active. My schedule has shifted since I’m back in school full time, a full time mom and wife, and a full [...]


Fitness Journey| Key

Pain is the only way to explain my first day on this fitness journey. During this pandemic I truly lost track for my fitness goals and began snacking and picked up a lot of unhealthy eating habits. During these 3 months, I have gained about 30 pounds!!!! Yes, I am embarrassed to even admit it, [...]

Black Out Tuesday

#BlackLivesMatter We are deeply saddened by the events taking place in America today. When we say “Black Lives Matter” we aren’t saying all lives don’t. We’re saying that Black Lives are currently in danger and we are standing with our sisters and brothers. So please stand in solidarity with us just as we would stand [...]

Welcome to B. Lxe!!

Hey Guys! I know you’re probably wondering where the heck I’ve been. Well I’m sorry it has been a minute and it may feel like I’ve neglected you guys but I’ve been working day in and day out on new content for you guys. I promise The Lxe Mama is now going to be better [...]

Blogger Must Haves

Hey guys! I know as bloggers we all have our personal preferences. Here are a few of mine with detailed descriptions on why I just have to have them. 1. WordPress or self host site. This is just your platform. There are many other platforms other than WordPress but this is just the platform I [...]