Jani Ladner

I have always been a writer. Growing up I use to keep a journal and document all of my thoughts, goals, and any other dreams. It was a serious passion of mine and at one point I wanted to be an author. I wanted to write fiction stories about love and romance. I’m such a hopeless romantic and wanted to share my love for love with the world. I soon hit a lazy phase, so I went to college to study broadcasting journalism. I knew I wanted to do something in journalism and I thought I wanted to be in front of the screen but boy was I wrong. I am such a quiet and shy person, why did I ever think that would work?

I went through a lot of different majors in college. I did not know exactly what I wanted to do. I was just trying to quickly get a degree, in a field that did not require a lot of work. LAZY! I decided to take a break, find myself, figure out what I want then return, but God had other plans.

During my break I did find myself, I met my now husband during that time and had my first child. All of this did hinder me from going back to school when I had originally planned but that is okay because so much more came from it. I enrolled in school online, got married, and had my second child. While I am still enrolled in school today, this is when I decided to get back into writing and start my own blog. This is where The Lxe Mama (B. Lxe) was created.


Unlike my bestfriend I’ve never been much of a writer but reading has always been a outlet for me. I would sit in my grandmas rocking chair and would be completely lost for hours in a book. But, as I got older and responsibilities hit I had to choose between sleep or reading and let’s just say sleep would frequently win.

Throughout time I moved away from home and began to be consumed with work. Some night I would cry myself to sleep from being so overwhelmed. With being a full time Psychology student, working full time as a registered line technician, doing hair as a side hustle and trying to have some type of social life I had lost myself and had no idea how to find it but I knew something had to change.

Fast forward to now I decided I move home and take a break from school to find myself and what I truly wanted in life. During this move my bestfriend proposed the idea of me joining her blog. At first I was very nervous and questioned if I could be that open and vulnerable. BUT, I took a leap of faith and the rest is history. This blog has given me a outlet to talk about relationships, health, music and soo much more while also helping other me. So join us as we open our lives to you guys…

Welcome To B.Lxe

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B. Lxe is a lifestyle blog about our daily life and experiences. You will find relationship talks, fashion and fitness tips, and also lots of recipes. These are only a few things that we have to offer. There is so much more in store for this website so please bare with us. Join The B. Lxe Experience by becoming a Bumble Lxie, go ahead and subscribe.