Meal Prep Week 1

Fajita Week

Hey Guys!

Basically it’s a fajita week for me but I threw in one of my favorite meals as well.

Does anyone else just enjoy meal prepping like I do?

Sundays in the kitchen, cooking up my meals for the week, while listening to my favorite songs. Yes, I enjoyed myself lol!

I made three different fajita bowls and a stir fry bowl.

The three bowls are chicken, steak, and shrimp. There are four different peppers (red, yellow, orange, and geeen) and onions. There’s fajita seasoning on them (taco seasoning is just fine).

The last meal was asparagus with steak. This is my absolute favorite. I make this all of the times over rice with steak sauce. Season with only salt and pepper, place in over for 45 mins, pan fry and steam after.

I also made two different types of smoothies. There’s a strawberry and strawberry and spinach.

Strawberry smoothie: strawberries, ice, almond milk

Strawberry with spinach: strawberries, spinach, ice, and almond milk

Both made in nutri bullet. Quick and easy!

Strawberry left strawberry with spinach right

That’s about it. If you would like to try and want a step by step guide, let me know. Pictures of how I prep during the week will be posted below. Enjoy!




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