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Hey Lxiiieess!!

I’m embarking a new fitness journey that I am super excited about. I haven’t been into fitness since high school (6-7 years ago) and I am not where I want to be or even close to it. I found out I was pregnant with my first child 3 years ago and it has been down hill since. I recently had my second child in January and I’m just now ready to get my self back in shape and back healthy.

I want to lose 15 pounds and tone up. I plan on detoxing, working out, and changing my diet. Trying to eat healthier.

The detox tea that I drink is called Kai by Tava Lifestyle. I lost a total of 10 pounds in the two weeks I’ve used it thus far. I’m a firm believer in this tea. Ill be drinking it 5 days a week to assist in my fitness journey. I’ll insert pictures below so you can see my progress thus far. If you are interested in purchasing this tea, please leave your name and email in the comments and I’ll reach out to you or email me at

Kai Tea
Contact me to purchase

With the virus going around I plan on doing home workouts. If you want me to post my routine, I will share them with you. As soon as things clear I’ll be back on the gym 3-5 days a week. I’m thinking about working with a trainer but I’m not sure just yet. I’ll keep you guys posted though.

I also plan on eating healthier. Starting March 30th, I’ll be meal prepping every Sunday so you can expect a new video on my upcoming YouTube channel (I’ll explain in another post) and a new blog post every Monday by 7pm now.

Guys let’s do this together. Let’s motivate each other. I will be giving out free meal prep guides and recipes every Sunday so make sure you subscribe so you will know when I post. If you are interested in the detox tea comment or shoot me an email at and subscribe to my new YouTube channel. First video on Monday.

Join me on this fitness journey. Let’s get fit together!




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