Protect Your Peace

Hey guys!

When I say protect your peace, I mean protect your peace, energy, mind, literally anything that can be succumbed by someone else. Misery loves company and if you welcome it, you will become it.

I’m empathetic! I immediately feel other people’s energies and before I started protecting everything around me it had a great impact on my life. I literally took other people’s problems and made them my own. People would come to me to vent and they felt refreshed after and I would be miserable. Yes, this how bad it was. I put a stop to it, QUICKLY!

For my own sanity, I don’t go around people that I know have a problem with me. I’m not a fool, I feel your energy, I know and half the time you’ve told someone else and it has gotten back to me. I can’t act like I like you and that’s draining so I stay away. If you every wondered why, now you know. Family and all, YOU GOTTA GO!

I don’t answer my phone before 11 am. Whatever you have to say can be texted and if it’s an emergency text me 911. I don’t care who you are, I’m not answering. Unless my kids are in your care, don’t try it! Those morning vent sessions messed up my entire day. Half the time I may not respond to a text either. We all have problems, that’s what therapist are for. You can’t load your problems on to someone else.

Speak your truth! I don’t care whose feelings it may hurt. This is my truth. Protecting your feelings isn’t protecting my peace and therefore I can’t do that.

Cut people off! Everybody can go! If you are troubling to my mental state you can go. I don’t care who you are. Family, friends, husbands, kids, you can get cut off (okay maybe not kids, or can they?).

Social media hiatus. Social media is draining, it’s also an illusions. To stop myself from getting sucked into that, I delete my apps for a few days and spend time with my family, the family I created.

Spend time with yourself. I spend so much time alone. Trying to find myself because we never stop growing. I have to continue introducing myself to the new me.

I realized that I was becoming like the people around me. Walking around upset and negative because I allowed their emotions to become me. I don’t like them too much so I couldn’t stand myself. That’s when I made this rules for myself.

In what ways do you protect your peace? Please comment and let me know.

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