Overcoming Trauma

You are not alone. Don’t let someone else write your story.

Trauma is an event or series of events that can cause physical and mental effects.

Do you have a parent that was narcissistic and mentally abusive?

Do you have a spouse that was mentally or physically abusive?

Have you been sexually abused?

You do not have to answer any of those questions but this post is for you. You are not alone! There are so many women that can relate and stand with you. Let’s overcome together.

That parent that told you that you weren’t enough, that wasn’t there for you. That parent that put everything above you. That parent that tried to control your emotions. That parent that told you that your feelings aren’t valid. That parent that made you feel like you weren’t enough. That parent that didn’t support you. That parent that doesn’t know anything about you, that parent is the problem.

That spouse that belittled you. That spouse that beat you. That spouse that made you feel like no one wanted you. That spouse that controlled where you went, who you talked to, and what you wore. That spouse that cursed you! That spouse is the problem!

The person that sexually abused you. The person that touched you when you said stop. That person who’s name you can’t murmur. That person that made you touch them. That person is the problem!


You are enough! You are bigger than what you’ve been through.

I know everything they told you plays in your head. Their words became your inner thoughts. Now it’s time you speak to yourself. Whatever thought they embedded into you make it a lie.

I pray that you find peace. I know that overcoming trauma isn’t easy, but you got this. You can do it and if you need help, I will hold your hand. Don’t walk the journey alone!




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